Reservations made online on the hotel’s website become valid only after written confirmation of the availability of the requested accommodation places and payment of the deposit based on the issued proforma invoice.

Check in/check out:

The hotel day starts at 16:00, check-in time, and ends at 12:00, check-out time.

Early check-in is subject to availability on the day of arrival.

a Late Check-out is subject to availability and is charged as follows:
between 12.00 – 15.00 – 30% of the accommodation price
between 15.00 – 17.00 – 50% of the accommodation price
after 17.00 – 100% of the accommodation value

At the time of check-in, all guests are obliged to present to the receptionist their own valid identity card and, if applicable, of their children: identity card, passport and, if applicable, birth certificate (in the case of children), voucher (in the case of tourists whose stay was ordered from a travel agency) and to fill in the tourist card. The hotel reserves the right not to accommodate guests without identity documents.

If the reservation has not been partially/fully paid, the remaining payment/full payment of the stay is due at check-in.

Unpaid reservations will be processed and guaranteed by the hotel until 18:00 local time. For the reservation to be retained, a reconfirmation by telephone is required by 13:00 on the day of accommodation.

Room allocation is subject to availability on the day of check-in. For this reason we cannot guarantee a specific room, floor, adjoining rooms, etc. Requests of this kind are considered preferences of the tourists and we try to satisfy them within the limits of availability, and no guarantee is given.

Cancellation, no-shows, changes and penalties:

Cancellation of a reservation paid in full or in part, regardless of the time of cancellation, is subject to a penalty representing the equivalent of the amount paid. Subject to availability, these amounts may be carried forward to a future stay.

In case of no-show, the penalty will be 100% of the total services requested and paid for.

In the case of bookings already paid for, any change of period or name is subject to a penalty of 10% of the entire stay.

If the length of stay is shortened for reasons beyond the hotel’s control, the hotel is not obliged to refund the value of the nights not used.

Internal rules:

It is compulsory to wear the bracelet received at check-in during the entire stay. Only on the basis of this wristband will you have access to the resort facilities.

It is forbidden to install the products of the packages ordered other than those accommodated.

It is forbidden to use towels in the room on the beach or at the hotel pool.

Hotel parking is free and subject to availability. In front of the hotel there is also a public street parking, for a fee. Reservation of parking spaces cannot be requested.

We are NOT responsible for children left unattended in the hotel premises, beach and swimming pool.

The hotel management is not responsible for forgotten, lost, unattended or unprotected objects or valuables.

In-room refrigerators are available.

If there are persons disturbing the peace of other guests in the hotel rooms or common areas, the hotel reserves the right to evict such guests.

We recommend decent behaviour and respect in the resort towards other guests and hotel staff.

The opening hours for the swimming pools and the Spa & Gym are daily from 09:00 to 20:00.


Pets are NOT allowed!

Conduct of Tourists and Guests

The hotel reserves the right to select its clientele in the premises, dependencies and service areas of the hotel.

Customers and tourists will respect the rules of conduct of the hotel, as well as the provisions of Law no. 61 / 1991 republished with subsequent amendments and additions on the punishment of acts of violation of the rules of social coexistence, order and public order.

By virtue of this prerogative, the hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to guests in a state of intoxication, rude or unruly who by their attitude harm the image of the hotel or disturb other hotel guests.

Also, on the basis of a list drawn up according to the negative antecedents of some tourists or clients, the hotel reserves the right to refuse a new accommodation to tourists or clients who in previous stays have shown evidence of inappropriate, improper behavior and by this have created a discomfort to other clients or tourists of the accommodation unit, and/or have brought damages of any nature to the hotel unit. In the event that for any reason these clients or tourists have made a reservation for a stay, the hotel will proceed to cancel the stay and will return the amounts related to accommodation and other facilities (if contracted) provided by the hotel.