Dear guests,

We want to provide you with an unforgettable experience at Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa and have therefore established a number of principles and rules that we respectfully ask you to keep in mind both during and after your stay. The rules apply to all guests, who accept them by the very fact of their accommodation in the hotel and must abide by them without limitation or reservation.


Reservations can be made directly on the website, by e-mail: or by telephone on 0744 244 443

Unguaranteed reservations will be held until 18:00 (local time) on the day of arrival and automatically released after this time, unless the reservation is guaranteed with a valid card at the time of booking or a prepayment. In case of no-show, the hotel reserves the right to withhold the first night’s stay and to release the room for the remainder of the booked period.


Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa rates vary according to the type of apartment you choose, availability, period, day and number of persons.

Arrival and departure

Check-in can be done from 16:00 by presenting your identity card for registration in the hotel management system, in order to issue the card for the apartment booked.

Check-out will be before 12:00.

If on the first day of the stay a room is requested before 16:00, the request will be honoured subject to availability and possibly an early check-in fee of 30 euros including VAT (for the period 09:00-15:00) and 100% of the night’s accommodation for check-in before 09:00 will be charged.

If on the last day of your stay the room is checked out after 12:00, an additional fee of 30 euro, VAT included (for the period 12:00 – 15:00) and 100% of the nightly rate will be charged for late check-ins after 15:00.

Guests checking out before 12:00 can leave their luggage at the reception in a dedicated area for 24 hours at no extra charge.

If guests’ luggage remains in their room after the 12:00 check-out, they will be charged an additional room use fee (same as for late check-out).

These guest requests will only be clarified and honoured to the extent that the hotel does not have firm confirmations for those rooms.

stays of less than 24 hours are charged at the full day rate;


Guests are aware of the following rules and undertake to abide by them:

not to damage the furnishings or objects in the aparthotel, otherwise they shall owe an amount equal to the value of the purchase/renovation of the damaged object and the related labour;

not to take back any of the goods from the Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa on departure, the beach bag is on loan and is left in the apartment;

keep quiet so as not to disturb other guests;

not to use towels or linen for: hair drying, painting, cleaning, shoes, bags, floors, etc. Towels are to be used for personal use. If towels or linen are found to be damaged due to improper use by the tourist, they will be charged as damage and paid for by the responsible tourist. Otherwise, the Aparthotel reserves the right to cancel the tourist’s room reservation and to evict the tourist without refunding the paid services.

not to enter other rooms or staff-only areas without the Aparthotel’s permission;

to inform the guests who are not staying at Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa; their entry to the Aparthotel will be made only after they have been identified and registered at the Hotel reception;

you can receive guests or guests in the apartmanet, they are obliged to register at the reception, by filling out the accommodation form and if they stay and allow space, the difference in rate will be paid.

not to leave children unattended in any of the Aparthotel’s spaces; any accident caused by children not being attended to in the Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa is not our responsibility but that of the persons accompanying the children and in charge of their supervision;

to report as soon as possible any malfunction of appliances, installations or other technical/furniture defects in the Aparthotel;

-any accident caused as a result of improper use of the items provided or the use of the hotel facilities without observing the appropriate safety regulations is not our responsibility.

No electrical appliances: microwaves, stoves, radiators, kettles, etc. are allowed in the hotel.

-After use and before leaving the room, remove the chargers of electrical/electronic devices (laptop, mobile phone, camera, etc.) from the sockets.

-to report as soon as possible any malfunction of the appliances or installations provided by the Hotel;

-it is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, blank weapons or tear gas into the Aparthotel. According to Romanian law, the consumption or sale of hallucinogenic or psychotropic substances is prohibited and punishable;

-Do not throw objects into the toilet that could lead to damage to the waste collection station;

-nudity or any form of exhibitionism is not allowed in the aparthotel;

-garbage and household waste must be deposited in the garbage bins located within the aparthotel;

please contact the reception as soon as you have lost your room access card. Identification with an ID document is required to issue the duplicate;

it is not allowed to bring objects/goods into the hotel complex that emit a persistent and disturbing smell;

parents, guardians or carers are responsible for the actions of minors and are obliged to take care of them, i.e. that they behave in a civilised manner and do not disturb other hotel guests;

running or playing any sport is not allowed in the lobby or hotel lobbies;

inform the Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa reception of the services used and the products consumed in the minibar for billing purposes. For the minibar available in each room, the included products cannot be returned.


Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa does not practice a special dress code, but we recommend decency and respect for other guests and staff.

People dressed in bathing suits, without shoes or clothing will not be accepted in the lobby bar, elevators and Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa reception.

We reserve the right to refuse accommodation, bar service and access to Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa to guests who are intoxicated, rude or boisterous, who by their attitude damage the image of the aparthotel or disturb other guests. Any damage or deterioration of material goods belonging to Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa shall be borne by those responsible for such damage or deterioration.

We reserve the right to evict from the hotel, bar, or common areas guests with improper attitude.

In view of the above, we reserve the right to select our guests.

We do not condone: uncivil or aggressive behaviour, obscene physical or verbal displays, inappropriate tone, insults, physical or sexual harassment or any physical or mental abuse of any person, guests or any person in the hotel complex.

The hotel management may stop providing services to those guests who do not comply with the Hotel Rules.

Parking space and cars

Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa provides 41 parking spaces – above and underground – for its guests. The car park is permanently monitored by video.

Although we take every precaution, we do not assume responsibility in case of theft or damage to our property. To avoid such inconveniences, please do not leave valuables inside the cars.


As a general rule, pets are not allowed in the hotel.


Traditional smoking is not allowed on the premises of Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa, according to the applicable legislation in force (Law 349/2002 amended and supplemented by Law 15/2016). The Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa has designated outdoor or balcony smoking areas. Please be informed that there are detection sensors in each room that detect cigarette smoke and trigger the fire alarm.

Alezzi Infinity Resort & Spa has only non-smoking rooms. In case of non-compliance with these rules, a fee of 250 lei/night will be charged (the amount representing the cleaning and sanitation services of the room).


For additional requests during your stay, you can use the following signage in each apartment, located on the black panel next to the door.

“DO NOT DISTURB!” – no entry to the room for minibar refills or cleaning.

“CLEAN MY ROOM!” – with this message you request cleaning in your room, with the reminder that whether or not you have the button on we enter daily

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